Georg Kantioler in the jury team for the 2017 BioPhotoContest.

We know a member of the jury of the contest dedicated to Boreal Forests. A South Tyrolean photographer known for his sensitivity and pursuit of perfection, Georg Kantioler.

Georg kantiolerI find particularly attractive “clean” and quiet image, consequently I work with aperture and / or with long shutter speeds. I Refusal on principle the use of artificial light in all circumstances. It grew on me gradually the realization that to get maximum results in the photograph is of vital importance to know how to keep the peace and the ability to empathize completely in the chosen motif. To get quality pictures not just a simple click; they do require a lot of care and even psychological preparation, to obtain the necessary stimulus and be able to concentrate fully on the chosen subject, no matter how simple it is. The world in which I move is mainly my land, the Südtirol / Alto Adige, and are aware of still being able to exploit only a small part of my potential. I chose to stay in my land not because I feel at my house. I am indeed aware that the environments surrounding regions can often offer more than we expected. But nowhere, outside the environment where I live, I can equally optimally exploit locations, scenarios and circumstances with timing following the changing conditions that occur from time to time. You still need a continuous exercise and mental commitment to identifying, in the environment that I am most familiar, new perspectives and new ideas.
I have been repeatedly awarded in international competitions of nature photography as “Wildlife Photographer of the Year”, “Europäischer Naturfotograf des Jahres”, “Glanzlichter”, “Asferico”, “Oasis”. I was allowed also the honor of being appointed a member of the jury for the competition “Europäischer Naturfotograf des Jahres, Asferico and” Fritz Pölkingg “award.



Your photographs are characterized by a composition clean and harmonious, how to reach this result?


I would say that I am a wildlife photographer quite calm and relaxed. I’m not fond of the technique, but the pursuit of perfection. The preferred subjects are landscapes and details that can be found everywhere: details and forms, plants and insects. I try to do very clean and harmonious picture, and, if possible, pictures not yet seen. I think my pictures reflect a bit ‘my mentality. So I’m going to take pictures only when I feel relaxed and if I have a clear head.


You will be part of the jury BioPhotoContest 2017. This is not your first experience as a juror for a competition. Think that for a photographer can be a useful experience for improving your photographic work and how?


... absolutely

a) because the jury is made up of several photographers and discussions in the final stage are very interesting and constructive
b) make juror to other competition I got to understand what are the pictures that may be able to convince the jury and why some do not like images that often are interesting.


The BioPhotocontest is a natural competition outside the schemes. The leitmotif is always the big Biomes of the Earth but each edition sees a different biome. What is your opinion of this format? Do you think it might help to spread the knowledge of the environment also to the photographers who immerse themselves in nature but which are not naturalistic?


I can honestly say I have never participated in this contest and so far I have never asked that question. But thinking about it I would say definitely “yes.”


The next edition of BioPhotoContest theme is the Boreal forests, which we can also find in the Alps above 1500m. An environment that I guess you know well because the place where you live, the Alps of South Tyrol. The habitat of boreal forests certainly offers many interesting ideas for a nature photographer, which feature or subject of this environment you are particularly fond or that mostly attracts your photographic attention?


I’m lucky to have a small cabin in the high at 1,900 m altitude and I bought already at 21 years old a small wood. Then you understand how much I love the woods and trees. I love their smells, the fog in the woods, I love the songs of birds and I like photographers mushrooms and mosses on the ground. But the most beautiful thing that I find in the woods is the tranquility that in other places not often found anymore. It is the most peaceful place in which I am photographing, most are too quiet and I can enjoy nature.


We know that you consider your most important work the photografic book titled “Atelier Natur – Jahreszeiten in Sudtirol”. You have other projects of this kind in the short?


I am currently working on a new book. I have the honor to make this book with 3 other friends and very good photographers ( Johannes and Hugo Wassermann and Manuel Plaickner). Johannes and Manuel are dedicated more to pictures of animals, while Hugo and I work on landscapes and details. The book should be out in autumn 2017, shows the beauty of our area that Nature gives us.

Thank you Georg.


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