The Dutch photographer Theo Bosboom will be part of the jury team in April will evaluate the participants’ images to BioPhotoContest competition on the subject of Boreal Forests.


Theo Bosboom  is a professional photographer from the Netherlands, specializing in nature and landscapes. In 2013, he turned his back on a successful legal career to pursue his dream of being a professional photographer. He is regarded as a creative photographer with a strong eye for detail and composition.

Theo Bosboom portrait webFor Theo nature photography is the ideal mix between enjoying the wonders of nature and creative expression. Theo’s photographs are regularly published in leading magazines such as National Geographic (Dutch edition), GEO and Outdoor Photography and Theo has won numerous awards in international photography competitions. Theo has published two photo books: Iceland pure (2012) and Dreams of wilderness (2015). He organizes photographic journeys in Northern Europe and Spain, where he likes share with others his passion.


What was the driving force that made you want to become a photographer abandoning a secure career as a lawyer?

Theo Bosboom: I was pretty happy with my lawyer job and obviously it was a secure and well paid position. But in my heart and mind I was busy with photography for 24 hours a day. I had so many plans for projects and pictures and so little time to execute my plans. When I became a father, there was almost no time left for photography. After a couple of months of thionking, I decided to jump into the deep and become a fulltime professional photographer. So far I have no regrets at all!


You’re known for making beautiful pictures of detail and composition, how come you are so attracted to this subject?

Birch tree is confused with the rock wall coverd by moss and lichen.

Theo Bosboom: I don’t know, it just happens to me all the time! Even when I am walking through a magnificent landscape, I am often searching for interesting details and not taken the classic wide views. I think one of the reasons might be that they offer a far greater range of possibilities to make creative and personal pictures.






What is your working method when you’re on the field? You already know what you want to photograph, or you let yourself be inspired by the place?

Theo Bosboom: I used to just go out and take pictures of everything that inspired me. But more and more, I try to work on projects and pictures that I already have in my mind, because I feel it is better to have this focus and some pictures need a bit of planning ahead. Still I don’t want to lose my spontanity and intuïtion, because I feel they are important for my photography.


Based on your experience, why people choose to travel with a professional photographer?

Theo Bosboom: I think many people are interested to learn from a professional photographer that knows a country or area very well. You will be brought to the best locations without having to do research yourself and you can ask all the questions you have. Furthermore it is nice to travel in a group with people that share the same passion for photography.


You will be part of the jury BioPhotoContest and you’ve been a member of the jury of several European competitions nature. Do you think that the jurors’ decisions can somehow influence the way of taking pictures of the photographers?TheoBosboom_Water-lilies

Theo Bosboom: I think it works like this sometimes. In photo contests, especially the good ones, you often see innovative work awarded. Other photographers see this and start to use the same ideas and techniques in their work too. 



The boreal forests are the theme of BioPhotoContest 2017. Can you tell us what it represents for you this environment and why it seems to fascinate many photographers?
TheoBosboom_Beech in coniferous forest

Theo Bosboom: the boreal forest is a very important ecosystem. It can be a challenge to photograph it, because the biodiversity is much lower than for example in rainforests. On the other hand however, this is compensated by the harsh climate conditions and the often great mood and great light in the boreal forests. Furthermore, in Europe it is not so far away for a lot of photographers, making it easier to reach and to go there multiple times. I am very curious about the pictures that will be entered into this years contest!                                                                                                                                                                                       

Thanks Theo!

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